Jul 5, 2011

Voldemort can't stop the rock

On their albums, Harry and the Potters make some of the worst music imaginable. They're the leaders of the Wizard Rock genre (It's real--Wikipedia even says so), and that's pretty much all they're good for--miserably catchy songs about Harry Potter--not that that's not enough.

Their sound quality makes you think they record their music on an Apple computer in their garage. Now that I've seen that they actually can play music live, I think that actually is how they record their music.

They were surprisingly good live, both musically and performance-wise. Then again, how could a free rock concert in the lobby of the downtown public library not be awesome?

When we got there 30 minutes early, it looked like we'd be just a few crazy fans watching the disturbance of silence in the library. Within just a few minutes, though, the place was full of a few fanatics, but mostly families enjoying a free Sunday afternoon activity. It was reassuring that there were so many families there so that it wasn't just a bunch of crazy people (not that I don't fit into that category).

That's exactly what the concert ended up being, too, a nice family activity for a Sunday afternoon. Between wizardry songs, they bantered with silly, all-ages-appropriate jokes like:

Where do puppies go to school? (Dogwarts)
Where do those cardboard circles from the 90s go to school? (Pogwarts)
Where do tadpoles go to school? (Pollywogwarts)

"Hagrid is fun to hug, Hagrid is full of love, Just don't get stuck in Hagrid's beard!" (Photo taken during the "full of love" hand motion.)

We're about to go so deep below Hogwarts that we're even below the dungeons! It's so deep we need a special code in the plumbing to enter! Are you ready? Do you know the code? Everyone say it out loud! "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "We've got to save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk!"

I'm not sure how long this duo of brothers can keep up their annual tour across the country, stopping only to play free library shows, but as long as they do, I'll be there.

"A three-headed dog, a three-headed dog, oh my God, a three headed dog!

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